About Us

About Us

Gilco was founded in 1978 with a vision to emerge a global supplier of metal based fabricator of a wide range of products.The company’s commitment to the highest standards of quality, and its ability to innovate, aims to become the leader in manufacturing with business lines that focus on:

  • Design, manufacture and export of Shopping trolleys & store fixtures.It has emerged as a global supplier of wide range of shopping trolleys and supermarket fittings.
  • Design, Manufacture and implementation of Conveyor systems, baggage handling systems, passenger baggage products, and public seating systems for the aviation sector.
  • Design, Manufacture and export of Wrought iron furniture, garden furniture, gates, and other accessories.
  • Design, manufacture and export of Scaffoldings & store fixtures.
  • Design, manufacture and export of Metal based agriculture equipments & accessories.
  • Design, manufacture and export of other fabricated items like tractor accessories and Tractor Accessories

Headquartered in Chandigarh, India, the company’s manufacturing facilities in kurali/ropar, Punjab, support the requirements of customers in Spain, Italy, Canada, United States, India, the Middle E. and Asia.

The company’s unique commitment to innovation and, supported by traditional values has provided the framework for achieving market leadership in all its areas. Gilco continues to progress with s customers through sustainable strategies and relationships that we ensure that it successfully leverages the opportunities and demands of a truly global economy.

Our Approach

Vision and Mission


Gilco Vision

At Gilco, we will endeavor to continually achieve the highest standards across our lines of business with a dedicated focus towards quality, innovation and customer satisfaction to ensure that our organization aims to achieve global market leadership in the shopping trolley industry.

Gilco Mission

At Gilco, we aim to achieve our vision by continually innovating to aggressively leverage global opportunities, to set standards and benchmarks in design, quality, costs, processes and customer service. Our organization will ensure that;
  • We recruit & retain the best professional talent
  • Develop teams via regular training to excel in the competitive environment.
  • Commit to the highest standards in our products, process and activities.
  • Retain honour and integrity in all our dealing with customers, vendors and employees of our organization.

Core Values

At Gilco, we understand that successful enterprises are built entirely on the ability to establish and nurture longer terrn relationships.

At Gilco, we understand that successful enterprises are built entirely on the ability to establish and nurture long term relationships. As a value driven organization, we recognize the importance of integrity and honor in our interaction with all stakeholders of our organization and we aim to provide everyone with the highest level of courtesy, maintain the highest ethical standards, develop flexible teams with integrated capabilities, create an environment for creativity and innovation, and enable our employees and customers to progress with help of flexible and amicable associations.


Our employees hold the key to the success of our Company. At Gilco, we recognise their high performance and team-orientation that has helped us develop a workforce committed to delivering the best.


We listen to our customers, fulfill all their present and future needs and earn long-term relationships with all our customers and suppliers in return.


At Gilco, we are responsible for all our actions and results. Our leaders expect superior performance and provide a healthy and safe working environment.

Key Strengths

  • Approximately three decades of experience in the fabrication of ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Long term collaboration with globally recognized industry leaders
  • Complete product design process development and manufacturing capability to fulfill unique requirements and international standards
  • State of the Art facilities with the latest equipment, machinery and tools coupled with a highly professional team of designers and engineers to support global requirements.
  • Traditional values with cutting edge management.