The quality of products at Gilco is determined by stringent processes and systems that ensure the highest standards of quality from the early stages of production. The company’s quality department ensures that these processes support standards in the procurement of raw materials, error profiling and proofing, best methods for checking product defects and regular quality audits. A step by step methodology for quality assurance is followed to ensure that quality driven products are effectively packaged and shipped to customers in a timely manner, resulting in zero defect deliveries consistently over the last several years.

The quality department is also responsible for development and dissemination of regular training to continually improve on process and efficiency. Moreover, at Gilco, we ensure that our methods are aligned with those of our global customers to ensure that products designs and other features are accurately fulfilled in a consistent, traceable, manner.

Quality Policy

Gilco is committed to satisfying the requirements if our customers through

  • Sincere efforts to meet the defined customer requirements.
  • A systematic approach with continuous improvement in our product’s quality.
  • Constant monitoring of satisfaction using customer feedback on our products and services
  • Regular up-gradation of competence of our manpower.

Quality Objectives

The following are the objectives for Gilco

  1. Sincere efforts to meet the defined customer requirements
  2. Increase exports by at least 20% every year
  3. Enhance market operations in African and Middle East Countries within one Year
  4. To increase the variety of products by 30%, in one year.
  5. To improve sales by 30%, within one year

Gilco Certifications

cert 1
cert 2